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Shipping Policy


After your order processes. which only takes a few hours. Garments are generally shipped within a week of purchase. However, due to supply and demand they can take up to 2-3 weeks to be shipped to you. Normally, we have all sizes in stock. If your size is out of stock. We will contact you to let you know that it might take a little longer.

Sometimes, the order status may change to awaiting shipment, but if it still says "awaiting fullfillment" and it has been over a fews days. The system just did not update the order status, but item has been fullfilled and is awaiting shipment. You can always email us with questions about your order. However, if you haven't receive the tracking information or the waist trainer. Your order just hasn't shipped yet. You'll receive the tracking information. When your order ships. Please make a note of this. It doesn't matter what the order status says. After a few days the item can ship at anytime. Even if it says "awaiting fullfillment". It is awaiting shipment after 2 days. If you are not okay, that sometimes shipping may take 2-3 weeks. During our busy weeks. PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR WEBSITE.


 Shipping time, that it takes to get from our shipping center to your home is 2 days. IN SOME PARTS OF USA OR IF USPS HAS a hiccup. Then maximum 3 days.


For overseas a 6-10 day shipping time is required. EXCEPT FOR CANADA. To any other countries. Customs may hold package for a few days. This does not usually happen, but it can. Then it is released. 



You will receive your tracking number as soon as your package has been shipped. You can track package from beginning to end, directly to you. If you just receive your tracking number, and you check right away, and you cannot find your package. It just means its too quick and it hasnt updated in their system as of yet, please be patient.



Shipping time for international packages is approximately 5-12 business days. After processing is done. However, this cannot always be promised as transit times can vary depending on how long the package is in customs. We are not responsible for delays caused by the customs department in your country or for any orders lost in transit by the postal service. 




Each package is issued a tracking number. Which you will receive as soon as your package has been shipped.  If you just receive your tracking number, and you check right away, and you cannot find your package. It just means its too quick and it hasnt updated in there system yet, be patient. (In rare instances tracking may not be available to your country, This happens very rarely)

 Tracking with international packages can be slighly different. Some counties you will be able to track the package directly to your door. It depends on your country. Other packages are tracked to the U.S. border. Say for example: you live in a tiny city or village. If you are no longer able to track the package. No worries. Thats great news. It means that it has left the USA, and that means the package is in your country on its way to you, and delivery is not far off. You can then contact your post office and provide your tracking number, and find out exactly where your package is. 




We really appreciate our customers, and we know that it doesn't matter where you are in the world. If you see a product on our site and want to purchase it. We love the fact that we are able to bring it right to your doorstep. This is our main reason why we started shipping worldwide. As everyone knows shipping worldwide is not cheap, but we are able to bring it to you at the lowest rate.

In some instances, not all but some countries will impose custom fees and import taxes. If this happens. The customer is solely responsible for any specific custom fees and duties tax. Added by their respective government. These additional fees may be collected at the time of delivery. We at are NOT responsible for these additional costs. These taxes are out of our control and are completely decided by your country. You can check with your countries customs office to determine what these fees will be. All shipping cost are calulated and stated clearly, before you checkout.



We are not responsible for any packages that are refused, unclaimed, undeliverable. Undeliverable packages may result from unpaid custom fees, incorrect addresses, missing apartment numbers amongst others. The most common reason is incorrect address information. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. We remind you of this at checkout. PLEASE DO NOT REFUSE ANY DELIVERY. Refused/Unclaimed deliveries are subjected to a 30% restocking fee, and will incur the cost the return shipping back to us, and any custom & duties fees that were not paid, to getting the package released. This will be deducted from your merchandise refund. In the instance that return fees exceeds the amount of the merchandise, the package will be abandoned and you will not be refunded.



Once a package has been accepted by the carrier. Us at does not have any control over the package. We cannot be held liable. Should an item get lost in the mail. Due to an error made by the postal service. It is not responsibility to replace it on all occassions. We are not responsible for any accidents, weather conditions,delays, and any other issues that occurs, due to the post office's shipping service. We will not be held responsible for orders not delivered, due to you entering the wrong information or the post office actions. Make sure all your information, is correct at  CHECKOUT, and always put any apartment numbers that is needed for delivery. We cannot be held responsible for packages marked as "DELIVERED" by the shipping carrier. Please check with your family, friends and neighbors. To see if they have your package. Once it has been verified as delivered. This does not happen often, but for overseas packages if customs holds on to package, and does not send it. We cannot be responsible for replacing package. Until they send it back to us. As we have no control over this. You must take this up with the postal service, and we will help you as much as we possible can to locate it.




Mail fraud is a serious offense. Please do not try to defraud us. Or the Postal Service. Which is a goverment organization. All fraud will be dealt with by the proper authories.