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Frequently Asked Questions?

Where does this store ship from?

Florida & Connecticut 


Do I have to pay Tax?

You only pay tax if you are shipping to Connecticut. As we are located in Connecticut.


Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?



How do I know what size to get ?

Click on the Size Chart category. All of our products, do not go by the same size chart. Find the size chart; for that particular product. Size information is also located next to product. We advise you to follow the directions; that are provided. Keep in mind. Shapewear sizes tend to run small. If at any time you are unsure of what size to get. ALWAYS go up a size.



It is important to read the product description of every waist trainer. That way, you know how to use the waist trainer properly; and safely. Even though our garments are made out of cotton, latex, lycra; and not steel boned. Waist training may not be as safe. If it is overused and not used correctly. This is why some people criticize waist training, because of people who use it stupidly. ( e.g. wearing the waist trainer all day and sleeping in it). WHICH IS NOT RECOMMENDED. 



After your order has processes; which only takes a few hours. Garments are generally shipped within a week of purchase. However, due to quality control; they can take up to 2-3 weeks to be shipped to you. Normally, we have all sizes in stock. If your size is out of stock. We will contact you to let you know, that it might take a little longer.

Sometimes, the order status may change to awaiting shipment. If it still says "awaiting fullfillment" and it has been over a fews days. The order status, has not been updated in the system; as of yet. However, the item has been fullfilled; and is awaiting shipment. You can email us at any time, with questions about your order. If you haven't receive the tracking information or the waist trainer. Your order simply has not shipped yet. You'll receive the tracking information; when your order ships. Please make a note of this. It does not matter what the order status says. After a few days,the item can ship at anytime. Even if, it says "awaiting fullfillment". It is awaiting shipment; the same day. If you are not okay with the shipping time during our busy weeks. PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR WEBSITE. As this shipment time is required for quality control.



 The shipping time, that it takes to get from our shipping center; to your home is 2 days. IN SOME PARTS OF USA OR IF USPS HAS a hiccup. Then, maximum 3 days.



For overseas shipping. There is a 6 -12 day shipping time. This is just an estimate. Customs may hold package for a few days. This does not usually happen, but it can. Then it is released. 

How to correctly wear the 'Powernet Shape Garments! Instructions

These garments are to be worn under clothing to get an immediate waist reduction & to look better in outfits. These garments are not meant to be worn all day.  You can wear the garments daytime/nighttime. However, do not sleep in the garments. As they're meant to be restrictive to a certain extent.  These garments should only be worn 5 hours or less at time; with at least two days off per week. These garments are not meant to be worn all day.  You can wear the garments daytime/nighttime. However, do not sleep in the garments. As they're meant to be restrictive to a certain extent. If, your wearing this as shape garments; you should eat clean & not wear beyond 5 hours a day. When you start to see results you can reduce the amount of time that you wear the gaments. If, you have any discomfort while wearing garments. Discontinue use.


How to Waist train safely? Recommendations & Instructions!

Since the waist trainer is being worn extended hours at a time. If your someone with sensitive skin. The best recommendation would be to wear a thin tank top underneath the waist trainer.

 Trainer can be worn day/night; but you are never to sleep in the waist trainer

  • Waist trainer should only be worn for about no more than 5 hours a day & with at least a day off every week
  • Eat a better diet. You'll see results fast. You should not wear the trainer all day
  • Waist trainers can be worn underneath clothes: but if you start feeling discomfort or any pain. Take it off & discontinue use.
  • It's rare, but if you have a lot of extra body fat & you get an appearance of back fat at the top of the waist trainer. A simple fix is to get a sports bra & wear this under the trainer

Make sure you get the right size. Getting a smaller size because you think it will make the waist look smaller; causes the garment to be poor fitting. Most Importantly, this is one of the reason why some people experience pain while wearing the trainer. Poor fitting corsets are uncomfortable, and wearing a corset that’s too small won’t get you results any faster.

  Only wear the trainer half hour to 1 hour the first time you wear it. Each time add a half hr or an hour over the first several days of breaking in your corset. So that your body can adjust. Until you get up to 4 to 5 hours. This applies not just to those who wish to waist train, but also those people who have purchased a corset for a special occasion. Listen to your body and there's no need to rush it! I know you want to see your results TODAY, but you risk damaging the corset (and yourself) if you try too much too soon. The most important thing is just eat a cleaner diet & you'll start to see results fast. You'll realize that you will not need to wear the trainer that many hours.

If your serious about waist training & want to continue your program uninterrupted. You can get 2 trainers so that you can wear alternatively while while one trainer dirty or is being washed & dried. Also, you can have a trainer that you sweat more in and the other that your not as active: that you sweat less in. 

To get the fastest possible results eat clean, work out, drink plenty of water. It's guaranteed you'll see noticeable results within less than a week.



Every fraud and theft charges; will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.




All information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. Statements about our products and any other information contained on this website, or in any product labeling, packaging and description have not been evaluated by the FOOD and Drug Administration(FDA). Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider within your country with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have any concerns prior to using any of our products.