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(2) (REG) Sports Aggressive Cinchers (Besties Package 2 )

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Product Description

Leave the size and color for the second cincher in the comments at checkout. Sometimes your color may not be available. In that case you will be sent an available color, that we have in stock. If you only want to be sent a certain color. Leave 2 color options in the comments at checkout. (Keep in mind) You may have to wait a longer time. As other customers may be waiting for the same colors. Certain colors go fast.



The intermediate (the middle) of garment is made of 100% natural Latex

The outside of garment is made up of 83% polyester 17% lycra

The inside of garment is made of 96% cotton & 4% spandex


In the occasion that your color is not in stock. To speed up shipping, and not hold up the order. You will be shipped a color that is in stock. No worries. All garments are exactly the same. The only difference will be the color.


This strong, aggressive yet subtle garment. Is among the best on the market. Next to medical grade products. We have NO doubt. You will be satisfied. Yet we have made this rather expensive garment affordable for everyone. This cincher helps control appetite. While wearing it you be satisfied with less food. You won't feel to eat as much as you use to. 

This garment Lifts and pushes out the breast. While flattening the stomach, and making the waist a lot smaller. Giving the breast and butt a much bigger appearance.

For the majority of wearers the total waist reduction is up to 7 inches. It is designed to get the job done. Some clients have reported waist reduction after wearing garment for 4-5 hours daily. And have gotten great results. By that alone. However, we do not recommend only doing that. As it might take longer than a month before you start seeing the results. However, make no mistake with these garments you will still see the results you want. Even if it has taken longer than a month. We still recommend that you eat a clean diet. Wearing our waist trainer and eating clean. You will see fat loss and lose inches off of your stomach & waist in a few weeks GUARANTEED. Just by eating clean and wearing the trainer every day. Do not sleep in the trainer. Even though it's latex. It still helps to modify the waist. So your body will need a break, each week. Once you start to see results. Wear 5 days week. Only 3-5 hours a day. No more than that. Once you are eating properly, this time is enough time. For you to get the results that you want. 




IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU WEAR, A THIN TANK TOP OR THIN T-SHIRT UNDER WAIST TRAINER. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE NOT SOMEONE WHO IS WASHING THE WAIST TRAINER ON A REGULAR BASIS. If it is very dirty from sweat, It might cause some mild irritation on skin. To avoid that just wear a thin a tank top underneath. THIS IS ALWAYS BEST. Customers have found that wearing a thin shirt underneath. Causes more, thermal heat & sweating out of toxins. Which helps with results.

STARTING OUT: A person’s body must become accustomed to the constriction of waist training. A new garment must be broken in otherwise you can damage the garment. Cause discomfort or pain to yourself. The first few weeks of wearing the corset you must not over train. Begin by wearing the corset an hour or 2 hours per day. Gradually add an hour or two to your daily waist training regimen until you are able to wear the corset comfortably.

MAINTENANCE: If you are serious about waist-training then it is very important to look after your corset; over time they take a lot of punishment from regular cinching but if you take some simple precautions you can extend the life of the garment:

1. Cleaning. Do not continue to wear corset everyday, and do not wash it. Hand wash your corset in cold or lukewarm water. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not wring or twist. Lay corset flat to dry.Do Not put Corset in dryer! Do not expose to sunlight when drying. Dry it in the shade, if you are washing it outside. Do not iron.

2. Air Dry your corset at the end of the day. Corsets must be dried out by turning the lining to the upper side and hanging over the back of a chair. Never hang on or near a heat source as over time this will cause shrinkage and eventual damage to the stitching

3. Alternate Corsets. Rather than buy one corset, purchase 2, strong corsets and alternate them.  So that each corset gets to ‘rest’ between each wearing. This minimizes the stress (wear & tear) that you  will be putting on your cincher. When it is time to wash. This also allows one cincher time to dry, without interrupting your waist training.

Follow these simple tips for maintenance, break the corset in gradually and you will have a corset that lasts a long-time; a little bit of care goes a long way where corsets are concerned.

So, whether you just want to reduce your waist in the short term or you intend to embark on a gradual waist-reduction regime then the only garment that can truly give you results from day one are the Shapewear1 training corsets. Remember, for longer term permanent waist-reduction your waist trainer should be used in conjunction with healthy diet and moderate exercise.



1. Do not sleep in waist trainer

2. Do not over train, start with an hour or less the first day. Then gradually add an hour each day. Or go at your own pace. Until you are able to wear the corset comfortably. Do not try to wear waist 5-7 hours the first day. 

3. MOST IMPORTANT> Do not wear a trainer that you cannot breathe in. Or you are in pain. It is wise to just get another waist trainer in a bigger size or Do Not Wear It. It is not worth damaging your body with something that is hurting you. This is why some people say that waist training is bad. This is because women, give it a bad name.  By choosing to wear garments that are too tight. Hurting their body because they want an extremely tight fit. We completely advise against this. IT IS SIMPLY. JUST GET YOUR SIZE & DO NOT WEAR A GARMENT THAT CAUSES YOU PAIN. 

4. Do not do workouts in the waist trainer that requires you to bend, squat, anything that requires a wide range of motion. The waist trainer is meant to restrict your body to a certain degree. This is why it can slow down your progress when doing these types of exercises. Not only can it slow down your progress. Doing these types of movements while your body is restricted. Is not good for your body, and you can hurt yourself. 

5. You can use the waist trainer along with your workouts. However, we only recommend it being used for standing exercises. That do not require much upper body movement. For example (stairmaster, elliptical, walking etc....)Do your other exercises first, and save your ab workouts for last. Then put on your waist trainer right after. That way your abdominal muscles heal in the shape of the waist trainer.

6. Do not wear waist trainer all day. 5-7 hours a day. 5 days a week. Give your body a break 2 days a week. Your body needs a break. Do not wear it EVERYDAY. Once you start to see results. Reduce time from 5-7 hrs to 4-5 hrs a day. Do not over train. Don't forget to get a good nights rest every night, drink plenty of water, workout, and always eat clean. Once you do these things. There will be no need to wear waist trainer longer that what is recommended. You will get the results you want.

Consistency is key, after you get results.  You can wear garment a few hours a day, to maintain those results when not working out

This garment is ideal for waist training, postpartum. For using this garment post-partum. We cannot say exactly how long after. Before you can start to waist train, because we are not medical doctors. Find out from your doctor. How long after delivery, before you can start to waist train. 

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